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Air conditioning servicing in Westbury

Did you know that your air conditioning system can lose up to 15% of its coolant every year? If you are left without coolant your air conditioning will not function correctly. So we suggest that you should regularly have your air conditioning system serviced to reduce wear and tear on the components and to help avoid potentially big repair bills.

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Our air conditioning checks

Our regular air conditioning system service check ensures that the system is full of coolant, that there are no leaks, that the pressure is correct and that the hoses, seals and pipes are all in full working order.

Benefits of installing air conditioning:

  • Efficient, cool air in summer
  • Warm, dehumidified air in the winter, which easily demists steamed up windows
  • It filters pollutants/airborne particles including pollen
  • It offers a pleasant and odour free vehicle atmosphere at all times.

Keep your air conditioning in mint condition

Your vehicle’s air conditioning system should be maintained regularly to ensure that it is running correctly and to prevent costly repairs caused by neglect. Our air conditioning checks are cost-effective and comprehensive.

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